Aims & Scope

Aims & Scope
Journal of Trends and Challenges in Artificial Intelligence examines new research and development at the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary fields of trends and challenges in AI. It provides a common forum for profesionals as well as pioneering academic research.
The journal's multidisciplinary approach draws from such fields as: AI and Computer Science, AI and Energy Consumption, AI and Finance, AI and Humanities, AI and Industry, AI and International Cooperation, AI and Knowledge and Skills, AI and Machine Learning, AI and Quality of Life, AI and Regulation and Governance, AI and Security Risks, AI and Transparency and Explainability, AI Backed Customer Service, AI Empowered Education, AI in Climate Change Mitigation, AI Led Cybersecurity, AI Powered Health Care, AI Trends in Autonomous Vehicles, AI Trends in Space Exploration, Challenges in AI, Customized enterprise generative AI models, Data Quality and Availability, Ethical and Responsible AI, Evolving AI regulation, Future of AI, Multimodal AI, Open source AI, Quality issues in AI, Social issues in AI, Use of AI in Content Creation.....
Both the Editorial Advisory Group and the Editorial Board feature outstanding individuals from academia and industry, ensuring that all the multiple frontiers are covered.

Provide a forum for both academicians and industry specialists to explore the multiple frontiers of the Artificial Intelligence. Bring innovative research on all aspects of Artificial Intelligence from all perspectives.

Published quarterly, with dedicated issues on a regular basis as well as a general issue per year.

An Editorial Advisory Group and an Editorial Board both including outstanding individuals from academia and industry. Eminent guest editors for the dedicated issues. Editors of websites managing and maintaining the internet services.

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