We are publishing original, outstanding researches. The manuscript submitted to JIBI needs to be in the scope of interest and to have 5000 to 7000 words (Word count, without references). We have the following procedure:

1) after submission we are checking the basic elements of the manuscript(scope, length, and general quality)it takes up to 10 days (in this step the Editor could inform you that manuscript is out of scope or reject for general reasons).

2) If the editor finds your manuscript correct he will direct it to plagiarism checking (it takes up to 5 days). In the case, the level of plagiarism according to software is larger than 15% the manuscript will be rejected.

3) If the plagiarism level is appropriate, Editor will try to find two peer reviewers (it could take up to 2 weeks. We are asking peer scholars and some are not willing to take reviewing for different reasons).

4) After selection and approval from 2 peer reviewers we send the manuscript to them and they have between a month and month and a half to prepare reviews.

5) Depending on the results (acceptance, minor or major revision, rejection)you will get a decision letter.

6) In the case of revisions, you will have a month or two to correct your manuscript, and then we are sending your corrected version to reviewers (and step 4 is repeating).

7) When your manuscript is accepted you need to send us the Authors information and Copyright agreement as well as a document prepared for printing in a time span of 2 weeks.

8) Please use our online system for manuscript submission

10) Usually complete process could take between 6 to 9 months.

11) We do not charge any amount of money from our authors, we do not have APC.

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