Volume 1 number 1 (01)


Pages 1-14

DOI 10.61552/JAI.2024.01.001

ORCID Elena G. Popkova, ORCID Miladin Stefanovic

Abstract This paper is devoted to determining the trends of the AI economy in Russia. The method of trend analysis was used to find the dynamics of change in the values of the indicators of development of the AI economy in Russia. As a result, we revealed the specific features of its Russian model. The first feature is that in Russia, the key participant of the AI economy is the government, and the role of business, despite its being a secondary player, constantly grows. The second feature is that Russia successfully strengthens technological sovereignty in the sphere of the AI economy. The main conclusion is that in the Russian model, the advantages of the AI economy are connected with the growth of the share of knowledge-intensive employment and an increase in the quality of life, and its risks consist in a possible slowdown of the growth rate of labour productivity and reduction of the quality of products. The managerial significance of the paper is that the compiled econometric model generalised the leading experience of the top 30 AI economies in the world in 2023 and disclosed the cause-and-effect relationships of its development. The practical significance is that the authors’ forecast outlined the perspective of the development of the AI economy in Russia in the Decade of Science and Technologies until 2031.

Keywords: artificial intelligence, innovation management, business management, research and development, technological modernization of management, management efficiency.

Recieved: 07.01.2024. Revised: 17.03.2024. Accepted: 20.03.2024.

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