Volume 1 number 2 (02)


Pages 51-60

DOI 10.61552/JAI.2024.02.002

ORCID Moti Melkamu, Tadesse Fisseha, Edossa Dugassa

Abstract In Ethiopia different crops are produce (harvest), the major crops produced in the country are Teff, Sorghum, wheat, bean, barely, raise, pea, nueg and maize. Those crops produced state of nature (uncertain condition) like good condition or poor condition with deferent amount of generating profit in each crop. In this case depend up on the amount of crop produced, high amount of crop produced in good condition in 2017 year and low amount of crop produced in poor condition in 2016 year. In order to maximize the profit of each crop, it needs to minimize the amount of loss during each states of conditions (minimize the maximum regret of each crop). By using decision making criteria and POM software maximize the profit of each crop and evaluate through Maximax, Maximin, and Minimaxi regret criteria. According to assumption of this term paper, the price of the crop during good and poor condition are the same and during each criteria not take a single crop of product, because all of the crops are uses in the country. So it take priority according to their values decision criteria. At the end it select a crop which has low minmax regret and then order according their values of regret from lowest to highest values of the regret.

Keywords: Maximization, Profit, Agricultural, Crop Production, Decision Making.

Recieved: 15.02.2024. Revised: 27.03.2024. Accepted: 15.05.2024.

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Aleksandar Djordjevic

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